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Factory direct sales, industry experience

Foshan city, guangdong, cloud machinery co., LTD. Is a collection of ceramic machinery and equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service in the integration of technology, industry and trade industrial company. Has a group of experienced engineers and professional and technical personnel, and has perfect mechanical processing capacity.

Strict monitoring, quality assurance

Each production node strictly controlled, the factory has a specialist controls the detection products, strict quality inspection standards, ensure the quality of each product are up to standard.

Product diversification

Foshan city, guangdong, cloud machinery co., LTD., mainly produces ceramic tile processing equipment, ceramic, arc polishing machine, line cutting machine, ceramic tile edge grinding machine, ceramic edge grinding machine, tile cutting machine, stone line, from top to bottom brick machine of ceramic deep processing industry such as mechanical and electrical equipment.

Credit guarantee timely delivery

Streamline production, institutionalized management, ensure every shipment with good quality products on time delivery as planned.

Perfect after sales service

In the special equipment design, development, manufacture has the strength of the original. Companies actively advocating accumulate experience in the work, the pursuit of progress, overcome the slightest careless in production, to eliminate any defects of products, cantonese, cloud machinery co., LTD., is committed to the development of new products, with professional technology, high-quality products and services to the general new old customers

Products have been sold to all over the world

My company's products is complete, high quality and low price, and has high production efficiency, low processing cost and stable mechanical properties, etc, well received by the masses of users. Products have been sold to all over the country, such as dozens of provinces and cities, and export to Turkey, Iran, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, dubai and other countries and regions.

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Foshan city, guangdong cloud machinery co., LTD

Sincere casting quality/carefully to create brilliant

Unity and cooperation Mutual win-win

Into the foshan guangdong cloud machinery co., LTD

Foshan city, guangdong, renamed cloud machinery co., LTD., founded in 2012, its predecessor for the 2002 guangdong cloud ceramic machinery factory, guangdong cloud machinery since 2002 production, mainly engaged in the production of all kinds of ceramic, stone, glass processing machinery design, manufacture, installation commissioning and after-sales service as one of the manufacturers. Settled in lion mountain park was renamed in 2012, foshan city, guangdong, cloud machinery co., LTD., the company adhere to the interests of users to meet customer demand, the company technical personnel innovation introduced some simple, convenient and inexpensive personality is the company's design. Consists of various arc polishing machine, all kinds of stone line continuous cutting machine, polishing machine, all kinds of all kinds of stone top side slot machines, slot, water knife and so on automation equipment. Coming after more than ten years guangdong cloud development laid the foundation for steady, solid, won the praise of customers at home and abroad.

We would like to write with you hand in hand, with our integrity, professional knowledge, excellent equipment, excellent service, to build a harmonious relationship, for the development of Chinese pottery and porcelain, stone, glass processing machinery, and make joint efforts, create a better tomorrow!

Choose guangdong cloud, choose the future, you and me win-win situation! 

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13929987163 0757-82702981

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